Colorado Bagpiper - Scott Beach

Bagpipes are one of the most enduring of all musical accompaniments to grace funerals and memorials. For hundreds of years, people far and wide have bidden farewell to their loved ones with the timeless and solemn beauty of the bagpipes. From Former President Ronald Regan's and Gerald Ford's funeral services, to Princess Diana's hearse rolling slowly to the resonant strain of the lone piper playing Amazing Grace. We have all been moved by the bagpipe's soul stirring beauty.

Your Professional Bagpiper - Scott Beach

Scott Beach was trained in Scotland (Scots-Irish) and is a full time professional bagpiper with over 30 years of experience. Scott Beach remains one of the most respected bagpipers in Colorado, who is asked daily to represent Funeral Homes and Mortuaries all over the state. Performing for over 70 funeral services annually, Scott Beach has been hired and flown out to perform as a solo bagpiper at Arlington National Cemetery (near Washington DC), for British Royalty, for British Members of Parliament, for America's fallen soldiers and for the families of Colorado's Senators and Congressmen. Call 303-521-8346 and Scott will help to make your memorial service a beautiful experience.


Chapel Service - Scott's Recommendations

Scott Beach will perform a special hymn as he leads your family down the isle to their seats in the front row of the service. Your piper will then turn and walk up the isle concluding at the top of the isle.  At the end of the service, Scott will again walk back down the isle performing a special song, often "Amazing Grace","Danny Boy" or a family requested tune, before turning to lead the casket or the family and the officiant up the isle and out of the chapel to make their way to the graveside service.

Graveside Service - Scott's Recommendations

The family may also wish to have the funeral procession led by Scott Beach on the bagpipes from the entrance of the cemetery/ cemetery chapel to the grave site, Scott concluding as the family and friends assemble around the graveside. At the very end of the service Scott would perform "Amazing Grace" or a special hymn while slowly walking away from the gathered family, the music slowly fading away into the distance.

Scott Beach at Arlington Cemetary, February 2008



Funeral Song Selections:

Amazing Grace
Danny Boy
Highland Cathedral
The Minstrel Boy
The Dark Isle
Irish Eyes are Smiling
Going Home
Ode to Joy
Simple Gifts/ Lord of the Dance
Scotland the Brave
Green Hills of Tyrol
When the Saints Go Marching In
Special Requests Available

Call 303-521-8346 and Scott will help to make your family's service a beautiful experience.

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