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Horse-Drawn Hearse Services SINCE 1993

"The original horse-drawn hearse company in Colorado"


Down the lane, slowly I'll go
Ever so gently I'll pull this carriage.
My task is no burden for the honor is great.
As you loved and cared for her in life
So too will I care for her on this last goodbye.
With each strike of my massive hooves
Her soul will soar in the heaven's above.
In the years to come may you remember this day
With memories of a giant black horse
That gently bore your loved one to her final rest.
Down the lane, slowly I'll go.

Horse Drawn Carriage Escort

At Wellington Carriage Company we offer a traditional horse-drawn carriage escort in our original 1867 James Cunningham and Sons hearse, pulled by a beautiful black Percheron horse. We believe that everyone deserves a traditional and dignified funeral procession. Having provided horse-drawn casket escort for over 500 funerals, you can trust that we will ensure a safe and dignified procession for your loved one. Don't trust this special occasion to someone less experienced.


Yesterday's Traditions Today

Our mission is to not only provide a dignified service for your loved one, but to help your family through the grieving process. We welcome and encourage families to walk in the processional. We offer the coach seat for honored guests to ride with their loved one - if your loved one has a favorite dog or horse, you are welcome to lead them along as well. Wellington Carriage Company will arrange to have the processional reflect the personality of your loved one, and to honor their memory in the highest manner.

How the Escort Works

Typically we will carry the casket from the church or funeral home to the gravesite if it is within 1 1/2 to 2 miles. Don't worry if the church is a long distance from the cemetery. Wellington Carriage Company will work with your family and with your funeral director to choose a location along the route or at the cemetery gates to transfer the casket into our coach. Our coach is also suitable for cremated remains as well.

We understand the high cost of today's funerals and try to keep our rates within reach of the common person. Call for rates in your area.


Lorraine Melgosa Carriage Escort




Call Lorraine Melgosa at 719-469-9876 to grace your memorial service with an historic escort by Wellington Carriage Company.

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Donating our Services for Fallen Heroes

We appreciate the freedoms we enjoy living in America but understand that the cost of that freedom is paid for by the sacrifices of the brave men and women in our Armed Forces and their families. We believe it is our duty, honor and privilege to donate our services to soldiers killed in action who will be buried within 350 miles of Manzanola. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are a family member or a friend of an American hero killed in action.